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Welcome to Green Manatee

Hi! We’re Green Manatee and we sell eco-friendly and sustainable wedding favours and gifts from our little unit just outside Cardiff.

Are you planning your wedding and struggling to make better ethical and eco choices?

We hear you! We've worked in the wedding industry for many years and have struggled to find gifts and favours that are both beautiful and eco friendly. So we took it upon ourselves to tackle the wasteful nature of the UK wedding industry and do the hard work for you; We have sourced and created fabulous ethical and sustainable products that will look incredible in your wedding photos, whilst giving you that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that you’ve created an incredible look, without negatively impacting on the planet.

Happy shopping!

Eco Friendly and Sustainable wedding stationery, favours and gifts

Eco Friendly Wedding Stationery

Browse our range of recycled, sustainable, tree free and plantable wedding stationery here. Save the dates through to invitations and all the stationery you'll need for your eco friendly wedding.

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Eco Friendly Wedding Favours

A token of thanks from the happy couple, a grown up version of the party bag! Surprise your guests with our selection of sustainable, fair trade and vegan friendly treats. All fully personalised.

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Eco Friendly Wedding Decor & Styling

Don't make your wedding day a single use fiesta. Shop our range of sustainable and ethical wedding decor. Find beatiful things that will make you happy on your big day and beyond.

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Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts & Cards

Personalised, unique and sustainable gifts & cards. Perfect for your bridesmaid, bridesman, groomsgirl, flower girl, best man, groomsman, Mum, Auntie, Grandma (or anyone else!)

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Eco Friendly Wedding Children's Gifts

Check out our range of planet-friendly activities and gifts to keep the children (and maybe some of the adults) entertained throughout your wedding breakfast and speeches.

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Natural Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

100% natural and biodegradable flower petal confetti to fill your confetti cones or in individual glassine bags. Just perfect to hand out to your guests for that all important confetti shot.

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Our featured colour collection



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