Biodegradable Confetti: 9 Ways To Use It at Your Wedding

There are so many different ways to use dried flower confetti and the best thing is, its 100% naturally biodegradable! You can make your own biodegradable confetti at home. There’s something quite magical about preparing your own confetti during the build-up to your special day!

Here are a few ideas how to use your biodegradable confetti…

Biodegradable Floral Invitations

Add a little bit of excitement for your guests by putting beautiful biodegradable flower petals in your invitations! However, I must say there’s no point adding a biodegradable element to them if the invitation itself is not eco-friendly! We have some beautiful, eco-friendly options to choose from!

Floral Carpet

Using our eco-friendly natural petal confetti you can turn your aisle into a biodegradable floral carpet! A perfect job for your flower girls or boys. This unique touch will add a splash of colour to the beautiful scene and it can make photos look enchanting! 

Biodegradable confetti flower petals scattered on floor of wedding aisle
Image Credit:@xiaoyulifish

Biodegradable Confetti Cones

Biodegradable confetti cones can be made out of recycled paper or wrapped in the wedding day itinerary for your guests, two in one! Also, you could wrap your biodegradable confetti in the lyrics to your first dance song so that the memory is treasured!  Our recycled paper confetti cones can be personalised to add a semimetal touch. 

Throw It All Over The Newlyweds!

A tradition that has happened for centuries to bestow prosperity and fertility to the newlyweds! Sadly, the confetti ends up on the ground when everyone hurries off to enjoy the after party. Wouldn’t it be great knowing that your flower confetti will naturally biodegrade and leave no mark on the environment? Take a look at our eco friendly natural petal confetti!

Image Credit: @chrisdickens

Biodegradable Glassine Bags

Please no organza! Biodegradable glassine bags are definitely the better choice, not only are they biodegradable, they can also be printed on! You could personalise them by printing a love heart, guest names or your wedding day date, making them great wedding favours. We have a range of biodegradable confetti and prints to choose from to put on your glassine bags!

Biodegradable Table Runner

Sprinkle biodegradable flower petals to spruce up your tables! Some types of dried flowers such as roses, lavender and strawflowers can even add a floral fragrance to your venue!

Eco-friendly Photo Prop

You can use dried flower petals as unique photo props by throwing them in the air just before capturing the shot! I can ensure you that the beautiful, biodegradable confetti will make any picture instagram-worthy!

Biodegradable confetti- pink and yellow flower petals thrown in air over wedding guests
Image Credit: dharmeshx

Biodegradable Confetti Poppers

Add a pop of fun to the after party! You can buy or make your own party poppers full of biodegradable confetti. If you choose to buy poppers, try to make sure that they are made with biodegradable material or that they can be re-used after your special day.

Biodegradable confetti popper being let off over newlyweds
Image Credit: @dvfrds

Biodegradable Flower Tattoos

A perfect wedding activity for adults and children! Using natural adhesives such as honey or beeswax salve with lavender oil, your biodegradable confetti can be re-used as natural flower tattoos. Hippie in Disguise tells you how to get the perfect result!

Biodegradable confetti - flower hand tattoos
Image Credit: @cottonbro

Using Zoë’s words… ‘there’s nothing like flowers at a wedding!’ why not use these ideas and choose biodegradable confetti?

If you haven’t already, take a look at Zoë’s vlog on confetti…

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