Do I Have to Tell My Guests That My Wedding Breakfast Is Vegan?

It’s safe to say that it can be really difficult to tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan food these days! So, is it really necessary to declare that your wedding breakfast is vegan?

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I think you'll agree that vegan food gets more attention than other wedding details such as wedding décor or wedding favours. When it comes to using cruelty-free, eco-friendly and animal free products in your wedding décor and favours, should you feel the need to state that they are vegan? Vegan wedding favours such as soy wax candles, reed diffusers and wildflower seeds can be used by practically all your guests, vegan or not!

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When it comes to planning your vegan wedding menu and choosing your vegan wedding favours, it’s important to be aware of any dietary requirements. Many vegan alternatives can include ingredients such as gluten, soy and nuts so it’s important that you can accommodate all of your wedding guests! Think about including an option for your guests to state any dietary requirements in your eco-friendly wedding invitations and RSVP cards. This way you don’t necessarily need to state it’s a vegan wedding breakfast as you have made a conscious effort to cater for the requirements of your guests.

There can be other subtle ways to let your guests know that your wedding food or wine is vegan by simply putting eco-friendly ‘vegan’ labels on them. Often vegan wines will already have a bottle sticker stating its vegan anyway! Let’s be honest though, when it comes to wine, I’m sure your guests will be more than happy to drink it without checking whether its vegan or not!

Some people are really not keen on vegan food and vegan alternatives can have a negative stigma (this is a whole other subject in itself!) However, I’m almost certain that if you carefully select a vegan wedding menu with the help of vegan caterers, your dishes will taste amazing, and the meat or dairy won’t be missed by your non-vegan guests! Choosing food that is similar in texture and taste to the foods your non-vegan guests are used to may be a good idea?

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 Ultimately your vegan wedding should celebrate the values you and your partner have and be shared with all your lovely guests. I’m guessing the majority of your wedding guests will know both you and your partner well enough to know that you’re vegan, right? So, surely, they will be expecting a vegan wedding breakfast anyway!

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