Eco-friendly & Plastic Free Wedding Invites

As you may or may not already know, here at Green Manatee we are proud to be an eco-friendly business. All of our products, packaging and practices are plastic free, not just in July! Well, what has that got to do with my wedding you ask? Often plastic can be hidden in your wedding invites and stationary. Here are some problems and solutions that may influence you to choose plastic free invites. 

Say no to acrylic or perspex to be plastic free

Sadly, there is a current trend of choosing acrylic and perspex for invitations and wedding stationary. Guess what? its all plastic and non-biodegradable! Acrylic is produced using virgin fossil fuels, it doesn’t have any recycled content and it’s not recyclable afterwards. It’s essentially single use, and so after the wedding, it will sit in landfill for hundreds if not thousands of years. With this in mind, Green Manatee and Jo's sister company By Jo have never (and never will) offer acrylic or perspex invitations or stationery.

If you'd prefer wedding invites and stationary with a sheen look then vellum is the way to go! It's more eco-friendly and plastic free. 

Green Manatee's plastic free eco-friendly yellow floral invite

Is glitter necessary if it's not plastic free? 

In a nut shell glitter is just thousands and thousands of tiny pieces of shiny plastic. When you put it like that, it doesn't sound so glamorous right? For some people, glitter card or paper wedding invites are the chosen design. If only they knew that once card or paper has had glitter applied to it it can not be recycled and must be disposed of in landfill. They’ll find their way into our waterways and eventually our oceans where they will become lunch for any number of marine life. 

Here at Green Manatee we are proud to say that our wedding invites and stationary are plastic free and glitter free. Is glitter necessary when our invites are bursting with colour, calligraphy and plantable seeds?

Green Manatee's plastic free green floral save the date plantable card

Spruce up your invites with plastic free silk or cotton

If you didn't already know, the ribbon you find on wedding invites are usually made from satin fabric. Again, made from plastic! Most satin ribbons are made from polyester which is a part of the family of plastic. While polyester can in theory be recycled, it’s unlikely that all the little bits of ribbon used on wedding invites and stationery would be. 

There are a few options now emerging for satin ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles, and while this is great it’s still not easily recyclable or biodegradable. For embellishing plastic free wedding invites choose ribbons in natural fabrics like silk or cotton. Jute twine or paper raffia also come in a wide range of colours for a more rustic look. 

Green Manatee's plastic free plantable blue RSVP card

Can handmade invites be plastic free?

For some creative couples, making their own handmade wedding invitations and stationary is an obvious choice. If this is you, then I think you can agree that designing invites involves an awful lot of 'cutting and sticking.' Although, much of that sticking will involve plastic in one way or another. To attach embellishments like diamante clusters a hot melt glue would be used. What’s that made from? Plastic. Double sided tape also has a starring role and more often than not that will be on a plastic backing and reel. 

A plastic free wedding invite can be achieved by avoiding embellishments that need to be glued and fixing layers of card or paper together by other means such as clips, metal fasteners or twine. All of which can be easily removed before recycling – and hopefully reused too. 

Hope this has helped you think about how your wedding invites can be eco-friendly, plastic free and perfect!

Kacey x

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