Sustainable Lifestyle: How to Continue Living Sustainably after Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

You’ve had a sustainable wedding and may have encouraged your guests to think more sustainably which is great! But what else are you doing now? Especially after the news of the IPCC report (2021) stating code red for humanity!

Using these ideas and tools, you can continue to be an eco-influencer & contribute to changing code red…

Renewable Energy Providers

Picking the right energy provider can be a mission! By choosing renewable energy suppliers, not only are you contributing to a green, healthier environment but it can also be more cost efficient! Using websites such as Switchit to compare energy providers, finding or switching to a more sustainable supplier becomes easy.

Tool: Switchit, Green Square

Sustainable, renewable wind turbine in the countryside
Image Credit: Pixabay

Ethical Insurance

To live a sustainable lifestyle, decreasing your ethical footprint is just as important as your carbon footprint. Why wouldn’t you want to choose an insurance company that has the environment and people at its focus over one driven by profit alone? Using The Good Shopping Guide, you can compare how ethical your insurance is right now!

Tool: The Good Shopping Guide, Naturesave

Sustainable, ethical insurance symbolised by colourful umbrellas
Image Credit: adriannacalvo

Sustainable Search Engines

Until recently I was unaware of the amount of energy used in every internet search I made! By using sustainable search engines you will be decreasing your carbon and ethical footprint. The most sustainable search engine I have found is Ecosia, with every search a tree is planted!

Tool: Ecosia, Ocean Hero, Search Scene

globe painted hands with computer coding over it to represent sustainable search engines
Image Credit: tweetyspics

Litter Cleaning

When you go for your daily walk make a conscious effort to pick up any litter in your path, it really isn’t that much effort! Litter cleaning is now a social thing to do, many social media users are sharing their contribution to a cleaner, sustainable world on Instagram and Facebook! Why not join in on being an eco-influencer?

Tool: 2minutebeachclean, Surfers Against Sewage, Litterati

Green Manatee sustainable beach clean

Sustainable Eating

When planning and shopping for food it’s important to think sustainably. Consider buying local produce and seasonal food, this choice will reduce your carbon footprint whilst supporting your local economy too (something that’s particularly important thanks to Covid!) Also, think about re-filling jars and food containers when shopping to reduce plastic waste. EcoRefill allows you to do this from the comfort of your own home!

Also, think about using digital apps to plan your meals such as Big Oven, this sustainable choice can even save you money and reduce your food waste! Even if cooking isn’t your forte, there are sustainable apps such as Too Good To Go that reduces food waste by selling surplus food from high quality businesses at a low cost!

Tool: Big Oven, Too Good To Go, Veganized, EcoRefill, Refill

Sustainable re-fill shop
Image Credit: dariashevtsova

Sustainable Clothing

Buying second-hand and supporting sustainable companies will reduce textile waste and contribute to a greener world! There are many apps and platforms to sell and purchase second-hand clothing, and even apps to inform you which clothing companies are sustainable. It’s never been easier to shop sustainably! For those who love to stand out from the crowd, there are some amazing and unique garments at a low cost on apps such as Depop and Vinted!

Tool: Good On You, Depop, Ebay, Vinted

Sustainable second-hand clothing rail
Image Credit: cottonbro


How great is it that all the waste you don’t want can be recycled and even help your lovely plants grow! Composting can decrease the amount of waste on landfills and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Even if you have limited garden space, you can still compost! There really are no excuses not to dispose waste sustainably!

Tool: Share Waste, Trash Hero

Sustainable compost soil being used for plants
Image Credit: cottonbro

Hopefully these tools will help you on your journey towards living sustainably. Let us know how you’re getting on in the comments below or tag @greenmanateeco in any Instagram pictures of you being an ‘eco-influencer!’

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