What Do You Do With Your Wedding Dress after the Big Day? 5 Ways to Recycle Wedding Dresses

Let’s talk recycling dresses! The efforts of finding the perfect dress that you always imagined can be stressful. So, why would you want it to only be used for one day? Using these ideas for inspiration, not only will you be contributing to a greener world, but your most special memory will also live on.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

1) Buy Recycled

Before you begin browsing over-priced, mass produced dresses, think about buying recycled wedding dresses. The sentimental value attached to the dress, combined with the vintage-chic look will make your day that little bit more special and unique. You could even modify it to suit you, obviously with approval!

Take a look in charity, vintage and second hand clothing sites such as Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and eBay. You can still feel beautiful in a recycled dress! In fact, your recycled dress will be more likely to stand out as being unique, not to mention the price difference compared to first-hand bought. Leaving you with extra money to splash out on a glorious honeymoon!

Catwalk of Aria Bridal's sustainable wedding dresses
Image Credit: @ariabridal

It’s amazing to see that contemporary fashion designers such as Aria Bridal and Sister Organics are striving to reduce textile waste by using recycled, sustainable materials for wedding dresses. Consider exploring The Natural Wedding Company, it features recommended sustainable wedding dress companies. If standing out from the crowd is something you aspire, then this idea is definitely for you!

Re-cycle and Re-purpose

The wedding dress is known to be a single- use item, hundreds and sometimes thousands spent on it just for one day. This doesn’t have to be the case, especially if you are willing to get creative and upcycle!

2) Wedding Dress to Christening Gown

Both momentous occasions deserve a special outfit! Similarly, baby christening gowns are often a single-use item. It makes sense to re-cycle your special dress and not buy new again.

Recycled wedding dress christening gowns
Image Credit: @4466355

3) Recycle Wedding Dress into Party Wear

Consider taking elements from your dress and creating a new look for sustainable party or evening wear. You can recycle aspects of dresses such as the corset and lace detailing of the sleeves, ensuring that the magical memories experienced in your dress will carry on.

Image Credit: nate072107

4) Wedding Dress Bouquet

Think about recycling dresses into a bouquet, instead of flowers. Beckiadamsart can help this vision come to life! This creative swap can potentially reduce your carbon footprint as many exotic flowers are imported for wedding arrangements and bouquets. Also, leaving the environment in its natural state and reducing waste. Holding onto a loved one’s dress as you walk down the aisle can make your moment more intimate and personal.

Recycled fabric shaped like roses
Image Credit: @ethanbodnar

5) Recycle Wedding Dress into Accessories

There are so many different ways to recycle your dress after the big day to suit all tastes. Exploring ideas online and Pinterest such as recycled tote bags, cushions, memory bears and head pieces just shows that the ideas are limitless! Tote bags have become a contemporary sustainable fashion staple, many using them in everyday life. There’s something quite special about having a part of your special day everywhere you go.

Recycled wedding dress cushion
Image Credit: uruguay2018

I’m sure there are many more ways your special dress can be recycled, feel free to share some ideas below!

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