World Bee Day 2022 - Why Are Bees SO Important?

Why do we need bees?

With environmental issues becoming ever-present in social discourse, you’ve probably already heard that bees are incredibly important to our ecosystem. But do you know exactly why these fuzzy little creatures are so vital to the world’s growing population?

On World Bee Day 2022, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a discussion about what makes bees so special, as well as what Green Manatee as a business is doing to help preserve these marvellous insects. 

Health benefits provided by bees

Alongside providing food and healthcare products including honey, royal jelly, beeswax, propolis and honeybee venom, bees have an integral role in our food chain due to their making up a huge portion of pollinators; but why is that so significant? Basically, they contribute to the pollination of almost 75% of the plants that make up 90% of the world’s food. All of that to say we need bees a lot more than would initially be presumed of these humble critters!

The bees' knees!

Our rapid growth in the planet’s human population has forced us to rely more than ever before on crops to provide our food. Over the past half-century, our production of crops for fruit, vegetables and more has tripled - alongside our need for pollinators to improve the quality, quantity and chance of survival for them all. 

Green Manatee World Bee Day 2022 Eco friendly weddings & Sustainable wedding favours

How bees help crops grow

The livelihoods of farmers globally has consequently become increasingly dependent on the cultivation of vital crops. This is especially the case in developing countries, where agriculture is fundamental to economic growth. Without pollinators to fertilise crops, they are unable to reproduce, which in turn leads to crop failure.

Simply put, without insects like bees, we would no longer be able to meet the ever-growing demands of human hunger.  The pollination process is a massive player in protecting ecosystems and promoting biodiversity and the undeniable significance of bees to our wellbeing is an issue that has - particularly in recent years - moved many people to campaign against the harmful pesticides and pollutants which have led to the dramatic decline in numbers of bees across recent decades.

Plantable wedding invitations & wildflower seeds

Initially created to remedy the staggering wastage in the wedding industry, we at Green Manatee are naturally so passionate about topics like this! 

We strongly identify with the need to spread awareness of what makes bees so incredibly important, and we think it’s fabulous that events like World Bee Day can really get conversations started and change perspectives on these unlikely heroes. 

However…it’s not enough to just acknowledge a problem, and as a result we are delighted to offer beautiful products that, in their own small way, can help pollinators to thrive AND prevent the all too big number of single-use items that end up in landfill after your special day. Result!

Bee friendly wedding favours

Let’s start with wedding favours, because it can be tricky to find something generic enough to be appreciated by guests of all ages and genders, without being bland and overdone. Enter our gorgeous tins of wildflower seeds, packed with seeds that your guests can watch grow into an array of stunning colours, all whilst attracting valuable pollinators to their very own garden.

Green Manatee Wildflower seeds wedding favours Pink Posy colour collection

Your most important day will be remembered forever through the beautiful patches of wildflowers adorning your loved ones’ lawns or window boxes, all whilst helping out our winged friends do their crucial work! Not only that, each tin can be lovingly personalised with each guest’s name…doubling as a name plate for the wedding breakfast and saving even more waste!

Bee friendly wedding invitations

If you're at the very start of your wedding-planning journey, why not cut out the middleman and choose our luxury seed paper invitations, which can be planted straight from the source? Why send out a regular invite, likely to end its life at the bottom of a document pile or kitchen drawer, when your big day can have an even bigger and much more beautiful impact on your guests, their gardens AND your local environment?!

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Creating a buzz

Whether you’re here because you’re in the process of organising your wedding or you just wanted to learn more about why World Bee Day is so significant, we hope you have been able to take something away from this blog post.

To really spread the word and let your friends and family know what makes these modest creatures stand out from the crowd, be sure to send a link to this blog post their way - and of course follow us on all our social media channels to keep up to date with our journey as a sustainable, luxury wedding gifts & stationery company!