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Wedding favours are small gifts, traditionally given by the newlyweds to their guests at their wedding.

A favour can be anything.  Once upon a time, sugared almonds were THE thing, but these days, anything goes!

But, if like us, you're trying to be more eco friendly in your actions and choose a more sustainable gift for your guests, that avoids single-use plastic, glitter or something with a shelf life of mere minutes and no ability to reuse it or to recycle the packaging it comes in... then look no further!!!

We have you covered with our fabulous range of gifts for all of your guests, regardless of age, gender or area of interest with no plastic, glitter or breakable tat anywhere in sight and all with either a useful end purpose, a reusable purpose and with recycled or recyclable, biodegradable and where possible even compostable packaging!

It's OK, you can thank us later!

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