Our Sustainability Journey

Hello!!!  Thank you so much for visiting our site and in particular clicking on this page to find out more about what we're doing when it comes to sustainability and our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle!

We're on a journey - and its going to be a looooooong journey with lots of twists, turns, doubling back, more twists and turns, failing to read the map and then probably on more than one occasion ending up, defeated, in a pub somewhere, before rallying ourselves, brushing ourselves down, re-fixing our smiles & steely resolve and striking forward yet again!

Want to know more about us? Have a little gander here to find out more about us both.  Want to know what the whole deal with manatees is? Read here to discover all about them.

You can also read our vision, our mission statement and our values if you so wish, and if you want to pop back here from time to time you'll be able to follow our winding journey and hopefully pick up some top tips, ideas and inspiration along the way! 

What Inspires Us?

Ultimately our priority is to make sure we all have a beautiful planet to live on for years to come and once we're gone, we want the same for our children, and their children, and their children... you get the picture!  We have a whole load of facts and figures that we'll be sharing with you in the coming weeks and months too.

Our Mission at Green Manatee

Our overwhelming mission is to change the wasteful nature of the UK wedding industry by providing ethical and sustainable shopping solutions. And this is how we intend to go about it...

All things sustainable

Here at Green Manatee, we recognise that being sustainable is to be environmentally, socially and economically conscious. Each decision we make looks towards the future for our earth, our children, their children and making your eco-wedding day extra special! 

Truthful and Transparent

We promise to always be transparent about our decisions! We won’t always get it right, but we promise to make every decision for the right reasons, with the best knowledge we have to hand.

A sustainable supply chain

We will never put demands on our supply chain that we’re not prepared to commit to ourselves. Also, we are proud to say that we support local suppliers when and wherever we possibly can, who are also committed to a greener, cleaner world.

Leaving a mark in memories, not the Earth

We think about our product’s whole life cycle and how they may impact the environment. We commit to working with all of our stakeholders to develop, promote and reduce our collective carbon footprint. We also do whatever we can, whenever we can to make changes that positively impact our world!

For your Instagram

We have selected sustainable products that will make your eco-wedding extra special and still Instagram-worthy!

Sustainable packaging

We are proud to say that our packaging is plastic free and eco-friendly and super carefully thought through at every stage (with a lot of thinking, head scratching and reviewing).


We try our best to influence couples to choose an eco-friendly wedding at every stage, with help from our wonderful sustainable products, our blog, our social media presence and our help and advice (so please always reach out if you're struggling with your planning and decision making)!


These are our sustainable development goals and the main areas of focus that we concentrate on and keep revisiting at Green Manatee: