Green Manatee Vision and Mission

Green Manatee are Cardiff-based business selling eco friendly wedding favours and gifts. 

We’re committed to changing the wasteful nature of the UK wedding industry, providing eco friendly wedding favours & gifts and to help make your wedding planning easier by ensuring we put the style into your wedding styling!

What’s important to us

  1. We have little people and we want them to have little people too AND a beautiful and healthy planet to live on, for years to come.
  1. We commit to always taking a step forward with every decision we take, even when the solutions available to us aren’t quite perfect.
  1. We promise to always be transparent about our decisions! We won’t always get it right, but we promise to make every decision for the right reasons, with the best knowledge we have to hand.
  1. We will never put demands on our supply chain that we’re not prepared to commit to ourselves.
  1. We commit to working with all of our stakeholders to develop, promote and reduce our collective carbon footprint.
  1. We promise to always wash our hair and avoid dodgy sandals! 
  1. We are working super hard to make sustainability in weddings trendy and 'Instagramable' for our customers!
  1. We want our customers to buy incredible, fabulous and sustainable products from us, whilst lowering their carbon footprint.

OK, that’s great, we hear you say, but WHO actually are you and what do you know about weddings and sustainability?

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